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splashutils-1.5.4 released

Just a quick note to let everybody know that I released a new version of splashutils yesterday. 1.5.4 includes some interesting new features, the most important of which are the fbsplash message log, textboxes and special effects modifiers.

The fbsplash message log and textboxes make it possible to display textual information to the user without requiring a switch to the verbose mode. Here is a screenshot of a modified version of the gentoo-livecd-2007.0 theme illustrating the idea:livecd-2007.0 (with message log) screenshot

When the F3 key is pressed, a box with information about services that have already been started is shown on the screen.

The special effect modifiers are a fancy little thing that make it possible for icons (or any splash objects for that matter) to blend in or blend out as the boot-up progresses. This has in principle been possible with the previous versions of splashutils, but it required MNG support and specially prepared animations. Now you can get the special effects for free, even with a version of splashutils built without libmng support!