Archive for September 22nd, 2005


vesafb-tng developments

I’m happy to say that vesafb-tng has recently received a rather significant code overhaul.

The result is a new testing patch, timestamped 20050920.. So far the reports I got have been very positive. Some old SMP-related problems seem to be fixed, and the recently discovered highmem system instabilities that were traced back to vesafb-tng appear to be gone now. However, the new code could really use some more testing (both on machines that vesafb-tng had problems with in the past, and ones on which it was running just fine — to test for any potential regressions). If you feel like giving it a try, please apply the ‘testing’ version of the patch to a 2.6.13 or 2.6.14* vanilla kernel tree, and select ‘vesafb-tng’ as the framebuffer driver.

For those of you who haven’t heard about vesafb-tng prior to reading this post: vesafb-tng is a kernel framebuffer driver based on vesafb, designed to run on x86 systems and offer a wider set of features than vesafb does. A more detailed description can be found on the vesafb-tng project page.