Switching to git

I’ve finally created git repositories for vesafb-tng and fbsplash (I was using BitKeeper before it became non-free). So far everything seems to be working smoothly. I’m quite happy that once again I’ll be able to do a simple cg-update instead of manually unpacking, patching and diffing two kernel trees. Git appears to be a little slower than BK, but it should still be a huge time-saver for me.

Moving the repos to git also means that theoretically they could now be made publicly accessible, should anyone need access to the latest code. Unfortunately, due to some rather annoying limits my ISP is imposing on my net connection, this will most likely remain a purely theoretical possibility.

During the preparations for the migration I was searching for some documents describing the new git SCM. I read a few HOW-TOs on the lkml, but it turns out that the best doc is the Cogito README. If you want to start your own repo, you might just as well skip the HOW-TOs and go straight to the README.


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