Back from London

I’ve been back home for the last few days, but I also have been too busy/lazy to blog about the trip. But finally, here it is.

My visit to this strange place called London (where people drive on the left side of the road and you need “look right/left” marks on the pedestrian crossings, and where you get to see and meet people of tens of different nationalities, speaking dozens of languages) despite being quite short, has been very enjoyable and fruitful.

Participating in a Gentoo dev/user meeting and meeting in real life some of the people I had so far only known from the IRC was a lot of fun, as was my visit to the Science Museum and particularly to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy exhibition (it’s always fun to see something related to h2g2 :)).

My trip to London wasn’t a purely touristic one, so in addition to the usual sightseeing and meeting different people I also got to do some real coding and debugging. The results are not bad — more than ten patches for various fb-related applications and libraries, including fixes for vesafb-tng, fbsplash and splashutils. I also got a chance to test vesafb-tng on a dual processor SMP-enabled machine. To my own surprise, it worked. And it worked perfectly. Despite my best attempts I was unable to crash the machine and reproduce any of the bugs that were reported by some people in the past. Well, I guess that for now vesafb-tng will be left ‘half-working’ on SMP.


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