Physics and Astronomy workshops

I’m about to head off to Warsaw to take part in Physics and Astronomy workshops at the Warsaw University. I’ll be away from home (and thus from my dev box) for the next two weeks, so expect a halt in splashutils/vesafb-tng development and a longer than usual delay in my e-mail replies. I’ve just finished going through the big pile of unanswered mails in my inbox and replied to every single one of them that was still relevant. If you mailed me about something and you haven’t received a reply now, your message probably got lost/filtered by spamassasin/etc. If whatever you wanted isn’t outdated yet and won’t be after two weeks, feel free to resend your messages :)

During the workshop on physics I’ll be working on my General Relativity simulation program that was started back in March. I realize I promised I would release the code ‘as soon as the clean-ups are complete’, but unfortunately the development took a little different path than I anticipated and I wasn’t able to hold up my promise. Still, I certainly hope that after a full week devoted to the program’s development, it will be ready for getting it out to the public and I’ll keep my word after all (with a little 3-month delay added to it ;)).


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