Switching to UTF-8

Since I finished school a few weeks ago and I’m now on a long, 5-month vacation before uni starts, I decided to shorten my TODO list a little by finally doing some of the things listed in it. First item that got my attention was ‘switch the system to UTF-8’. Thanks to our excellent
the process was quite painless and smooth, with the exception of maybe the revdep-rebuild stuff, but that was caused solely by the fact that I had a lot of junk in my local overlays.

To my surprise, almost everything seems to be working quite well after the switch. The console, X, vim, even mc. Things that don’t work? Fluxbox, net-im/{ekg,egk2}. As far as fluxbox is concerned, the ‘disablexmb’ USE flag is supposed to fix problems with long startup times. And it does that quite nicely. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a no-go for me, since with fluxbox compiled with that flag enabled, various apps started taking incredibly long to start (wine being one of them). I had to use the workaround
, which so far seems to be working nicely.

With net-im/ekg the situation is a little more difficult. The app was written with iso-8859-2 in mind. With UTF-8 locales I get to see some funny chars instead of the Polish diacritic characters. Apparently, support for UTF-8 is one of the ‘oh, this is a really important feature that we definitely need to have’ kind of things that everyone knows are necessary, but no one wants to implement. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait, or write it myself one day (when I get really tired of the lack of the diacritic chars).

Everyone seems to be posting their Nerd Scores, so here’s mine:
I am nerdier than 96% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
Scary, isn’t it?

BTW, that lady with pointy ears in the picture in one of the questions is NOT a Vulcan. And it’s not because she’s smiling.


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