Lan Party

Having finally finished my high school final exams, I decided to take a break from the more serious stuff. A group of my friends also wanted to do something for fun, and so we organized a LAN Party. It lasted 2 full days and I really enjoyed it, even though I suck at almost any kind of computer game (at least the ones we played), with the exception of maybe sdlroids ;) (too bad there’s no multiplayer mode).

With 10 participants, we not only played games but also exchanged a lot of data. It was nice to see stuff flowing at 10 MB/s — a speed I virtually never see in the LAN owned by my ISP that I’m connected to at home.

We had both Linux and Windows machines in the network and everything worked without any significant problems. Gaming on Linux wasn’t troublesome or difficult. In fact, some Windows systems turned out to be harder to configure to make everything work.

The LAN Party began with two Gentoo machines, and ended with three, which I think is a good statistic :) A dual-boot system joined the Linux team after I helped a friend solve a little problem with his network card, which effectively finished his installation of a basic Gentoo system.

It was the first LAN party organized among my classmates, and I certainly hope that it won’t be the last one :)


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