splashutils- released

More than 24h ago I released splashutils- The new version includes many bugfixes and some minor speed enhancements. Have a look at the ChangeLog for a full list of changes. was delayed by almost a week, all because of a speed-up idea I had. Instead of preparing things for a release, I was modifying the code and testing the performance of the splash daemon. The result? A 10% speed-up and the code turned into a mess. Since 10% doesn’t justify making splashutils even more difficult to maintain and potentially introducing new bugs, I decided to drop the idea for now. Fortunately, I’ve already come up with a solution that should allow me to make the code faster without making a mess of it. If all goes well, splashutils- will be 10% faster (not that anyone would actually notice that — it will translate into a 0.2s faster boot-up in common configurations..).

And speaking of, I thought I should elaborate on what’s in the development roadmap for the next few versions. will be a bugfix-only release. I hope to get it out in a few days, provided that I’m able to fix all the important bugs in time. Whether will be bugfix-only or not depends on how many unresolved bugs are left after :) After that, I plan to get MNG support merged into the main source tree. This will make it possible to have animated themes, which sure will look nice if used properly. What will happen next is unknown — I’ll probably have a look at my old gensplash to-do lists and try to find things that haven’t already been implemented in splashutils-1.1.9.x.


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