splashutils- released

I’ve just released splashutils-, hopefully the most stable version of the 1.1.9.x series :) It includes the usual amount of bugfixes, some enhancements (among which is better compile-time configurability; the ebuilds don’t take advantage of it yet, sorry) and some new features (font stuff — font styles, text positioning, variables evaluation, etc).

This is also the first 1.1.9.x release that has a full, up-to-date documentation. The previous versions lacked some descriptions of the new features. If you want to design a cool new theme which will use some of them, now might be a good time to start the work :)

Speaking of documentation, I’ve also written a new document describing the splash initscripts used in Gentoo. This was requested by several people maintaining support for splashutils in other distros, but I guess Gentoo users might find the new doc interesting as well, should they ever want to learn how the pretty boot-time stuff works on the inside.

If you want to help with testing, please do echo ">=media-gfx/splashutils-1.0" >> /etc/portage/package.unmask and re-merge splashutils. Suggestions and bug reports are appreciated.


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