Blog started

With all the recent fuss about blogs going on in Gentoo and various people starting new ones virtually everyday, I guess I just couldn’t resist the urge to start my own ;) I’ve been thinking about doing so for quite some time now, but I’ve never really managed to find enough time to get things up and running. Now that I finally have, I just hope I won’t get bored too quickly and will write some entries from time to time.

What to expect here? Some information and comments about what’s going on in Gentoo, especially if it’s somehow related to the kernel :) Data about progress of various projects I’m working on. Preliminary information on all the crazy ideas I have from time to time. Random rants about more or less random things, and some general comments on Life, The Universe and Everything.

As you can see, I don’t plan for this blog to be 100%-tech oriented. I guess that I’ll have to set some categories up to get the entries sorted nicely :)

Anyway, don’t expect too much, at least not at the beginning. I’ll probably have very little free time in the following week or two, so only the most important things will get added here.


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